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The Complex PTSD Treatment Manual: An Integrative, Mind-Body Approach to Trauma Recovery [Paperback] Schwartz, Arielle

The Complex PTSD Treatment Manual: An Integrative, Mind-Body Approach to Trauma Recovery [Paperback] Schwartz, Arielle

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Product Description Clinicians working with complex trauma are honored with the most sacred of tasks: to bear witness to clients’ suffering and to attend compassionately to their wounds.In The Complex PTSD Treatment Manual, clinicians will find the road map they need to conduct successful therapy with clients who have experienced prolonged exposure to traumatic events. Combining the science and art of therapy, Dr. Arielle Schwartz seamlessly integrates research-based interventions with the essentials of healing to create a whole-person approach to trauma treatment.Drawing from her years of experience in working with trauma survivors, Dr. Schwartz provides clinicians with the tools they need to become a trustworthy companion to trauma survivors and become capable of guiding a healing journey for clients with a history of abuse or neglect. Within these pages, you will find:Essential interventions that strengthen mindful body awareness, enhance distress tolerance, cultivate self-compassion, and facilitate trauma recoveryOver 50 practices, worksheets, and self-reflection points to utilize in each stage of the client’s therapeutic processIntegration of several therapeutic approaches for trauma treatment, including relational therapy, mindful body awareness, parts work therapy, CBT, EMDR, somatic psychology, and practices drawn from complementary and alternative medicine Review Arielle Schwartz has written THE guidebook for clinicians seeking to understand complex PTSD and how to treat it! On every page, she interweaves up-to-date theoretical ideas with practical clinical wisdom. Every word of this book can easily be implemented by therapists regardless of their training or approach. Janina Fisher, PhD, author of Transforming the Living Legacy of Trauma: A Workbook for Survivors and Their Therapists Dr. Schwartz’s book is likely to be a big help to clients and also to therapists who treat individuals with severely traumatic life histories. It is very readable and accessible. Reading it gives a feeling of being in a conversation with Dr. Schwartz. The chapters give many examples of how cognitive behavioral therapy, somatic experiencing, and EMDR can be successfully integrated in therapy preparation, diagnostic assessment, and treatment planning. It also includes many transcripts of therapy sessions, which illustrate with clarity how particular interventions can be effectively used. This book is a significant contribution to our developing knowledge of the best ways to treat complex PTSD and dissociative conditions. Jim Knipe, PhD, Author of EMDR Toolbox: Theory and Treatment for Complex PTSD and Dissociation Dr. Schwartz guides us into a field of healing practices and possibilities founded in a resilient-informed approach. She offers portals into the untold and hidden stories of pain that live in the nervous system and the biology of people affected by chronic traumatization. She reminds us of the power and strength that lay in the core of human existence and put us in touch with our inner capabilities. The Complex PTSD Treatment Manual is a rich, comprehensive, well-integrated, and immensely useful masterpiece that will support child and adult therapies working with C-PTSD in bringing healing to generations! Ana M. Gomez, MC, LPC, Author of EMDR Therapy and Adjunct Approaches with Children: Complex Trauma, Attachment, and Dissociation Arielle Schwartz does it again, delivering clinicians a practical volume full of useful skills with her uncanny ability to translate complex neurological concepts into relatable language. I am especially impressed with the sensitivity and humanity that she employs in addressing parts work and dissociation. This is a marvelous foundational volume on complex trauma that I will be very happy to recommend to my students. Dr. Jamie Marich, The Institute for Creative Mindfulness, Author of EMDR Made Simple, Trauma Made Simple, and many other books on trauma recovery Dr. Arielle Sc


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